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  • Over 150 designs digitized daily
  • We provide original sew out
  • Fast reliable customer service
  • 8 to 12 hour turnaround time
  • 100% quality guaranteed
  • No extra charge for rush orders
  • Competitive pricing
  • Ensuring smooth efficient production run

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  • Custom Digitizing
  • Vector Conversion
  • Complex Digitizing


Estimates are given within 4 Hours & Each Order is completed within 12 Hours.


Pricing from as low as $ 3.00 USD per 1000 Stitches for Digitizing to a Flat Rate Just $ 15 USD for Vector Conversion.

Why work with us?

Brilliant Digitizing is a high quality embroidery digitizing services provider based in USA, Which is providing services for Logo digitizing, Photo Digitizing, Seals Digitizing and many more art work at affordable prices. It has so many satisfied customers not only from USA but also Canada, Australia, Germany and UK.

We have a team of professional embroidery digitizers who can meet your requirements within the specified time at very low rates. Before starting the digitizing we take the complete requirement from you so that your digital photo is embroidered according to your requirements. In custom digitization we convert picture or images in to stitches that you send us for digitization. We provide quality and fast turnaround for any custom embroidery digitizing service to our customers. In Vector Art Service we convert raster images into vector art. We provide hand drawn vector images with most conversions in the customer's range.


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